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Still Alive and Kicking

At this point, my readership probably only consists of feed readers and random link clickers… but that’s okay. I’m actually surprised that I’ve had decent traffic levels without posting.

But no longer!

I have recently finished the fall semester of classes in my third year of geology at UBC and am now approaching a busy schedule of exams in various fields such as Geochemical Thermodynamics and Ore Minerals Processes.

I still work at Wicked for those curious (until the summer, when I will again return to Calgary for a geology position). For the most part I am there Saturday and Sunday mornings and early afternoon, keeping the hordes caffeinated. We’re busier than ever, so I can’t promise a chat, but the drinks will make up for it!

I’ll try to post more. I promise. In the meantime, stay caffeinated.


How to pronounce genmaicha

So I get a ton of search engine traffic from people who want to know how to pronounce genmaicha. Here it is, from my Japanese instructor (or coworker), “gen-my-tcha”. And no, it is NOT “jen-my-tcha”.


Yay! WordPress finally implemented a new Blogger import function, so now all of my old posts are on this blog.

Switch to wordpress

Hey all…

After drooling over and now Stephen Morrissey’s new I too have made the decision to switch to WordPress. Now you can find me at Pulling Shots so please update your feeds, your bookmarks and links to my new page. It’s amazing how much better it is over there!


Raw Milk / Go Fish

So I had a raw milk cappuccino the other day (and no, it’s not on any menu in town). It was pretty crazy! The milk is a lot more dynamic than your standard pasteurized and homogenized milk. It’s a whole lot different than even the Avalon Dairy organic milk I have once in a while. I’m not sure where I stand on its place in coffee drinks. One side of me thinks that it is awesome that you can have a drink where the milk is just as influential, or close to it, as the coffee, but the other side says that the coffee should remain the dominant characteristic and shouldn’t be modified too much by the milk’s flavors. In a raw milk cappuccino you can definitely taste the cow.

Also, I am a full supporter of raw milk and related products (as long as they are treated properly by the producer). This is a message to governmental food inspectors: let young raw milk cheese in from France! Let it in!

In other news, I made a trip down to Go Fish, a local fish and chips shack owned by a couple of restaurateurs with other popular restaurants in their portfolio (the Bin family of tapas bars). They are literally a shack adjacent to Granville Island at the False Creek Harbour Authority. The first time I went involved halibut and chips and they were excellent. These were easily the best chips/fries I’ve ever had, generously salted and perfectly fried. The second time involved their tuna tacones which were also most excellent, lots of stuff in them that I couldn’t quite identify but they were well flavored with a balance between the subtlety of the tuna and the various vegetables and herbs used. Now I just need to catch their risotto that shows up on the specials board and I will be satisfied. It’s a great little walk from the cafe after work too, so it’s becoming a bit of a habit! Check them out if you haven’t already.

Recent cups

I’m such a slacker. I haven’t posted in 12 days…

A number of pretty awesome coffees have passed through my hands in the past couple of weeks.

The most notable of all of them was the Novo Coffee Hache Ethiopia Sidamo from down in Denver, Colorado. There has been enough hype about this coffee on the net, viewable on several blogs and forums. It’s a brilliant coffee, but for myself, did not live up to the praise it had received. Namedropping had occurred frequently with the Esmeralda Special being the coffee that the Hache apparently topped. Not in my mind, but the Hache has the distinction of being one of the first coffees I have had that tasted as it smelled after grinding. Lots of figs, chocolate and body in the Hache, contrary to initial reports of blueberry jam.

It should be known too that I have been on an Ethiopian binge as of late, with my home supply consisting of both of Intelligentsia’s Yergacheffe and Harrar. The Yerg (roasted in Chicago on Monday) pressed this morning had a really tea-like subtlety reminiscent of a darjeeling… I was thoroughly impressed. I’ve found with coffee that exhibits these tea-like characteristics, the body gets dropped, but this one kept a strong body and a wonderful velvety mouthfeel.

The Harrar tends to be a bit fruitier and wilder but is an exciting cup nonetheless.

At Elysian last night, a pound of Stumptown’s Hairbender made a guest appearance and drinks were passed around to a group of staff and others (like myself). First were the espresso rounds… The shots were beautiful in appearance, very rich, thick and flecked crema in the heavy ACF cups. I can’t quite say I was a huge fan, but the lingering grapefruit finish was most impressive.

In milk (5 oz cap), the drinks were phenomenal. There was not a touch of bitterness anywhere. Very rich, very well balanced were the main characteristic to the cup. It helped that Matti was on fire with his pours.

Other than that, not much to report here in Vancouver.

This is what happens when I don’t do my research

Alright, I give up… I have been told! In all seriousness though, thanks for enlightening me (Robert, and anonymous, and the wonderful folks at JagaSilk). It all goes to show that I should probably do a bit of reading instead of making sweeping and generalized comments about a language I know virtually nothing about as well as a product I know only vaguely. I promise to do my homework next time!

On tap

49th Parallel El Salvador La MontaƱa
Excellent coffee for everyday drinking. Well expressed acidity and classic El Salvador profile.

Bulleit Bourbon
By far the best bourbon available in BC for the price. $35 for a bottle gets you the highest rye content bourbon on the market. Lots of spice and typical bourbon corn sweetness. Excellent on its own, but also makes a mean Old Fashioned. Better than Knob Creek in my books and pretty close to Woodford Reserve.

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