Well, maybe sometimes it’s not so great.

I’m in search of a place to acquire a decent americano in the downtown core (Bumpy’s, I tried to get to you this morning, but the Beltline is so far away from Eau Claire!). I’ve fallen victim to the barista inconsistency phenomenon at the place where I can get passable coffee.

Also, why don’t people use more coffee in their drip basket? At work we have a Keurig K-Cup system, with the pods supplied by Van Houtte. Though it tastes like most mediocre drip brewed in cafes, I’m tired of having to switch in the morning from my homemade commute french press to the work stuff. But! The switch to a local cafe is no fun either! I want a deep, rich coffee, not brown water!

So I bought a Finum permanent filter for tea, and I am drinking fancy subtle senchas and oolongs. But there’s not enough caffeine. Quandary? Yes.

I’m considering importing the hand grinder and press to work. My colleagues will love it.


5 Responses to “Well, maybe sometimes it’s not so great.”

  1. 1 John Manzo July 1, 2007 at 10:17 pm

    Hi Peter-

    If you’re working in the Eau Claire area, you might check out “Java Junkies” in the condos to the west of the Princeton- used to be Bean Scene, 795 1st Ave SW. I cannot vouch for them, but they do use Big Mountain beans (although as I discovered with a horrible espresso at Purple Perk, this is no guarantee of quality). I’m sure you’ve written off the Eau Claire Good Earth- I did today when they made me a “ristretto” by pulling a regular double into a little pitcher and then spooning my 1-oz into a demitasse- topped with the crema. It was hilarious. BUT I got an excellent ristretto at GE at the Uni the other day, so you never know- the barista working there even does very decent latte art. Good Earth is inscrutable.

    One neat thing at Java Junkies is the ancient Elektra Belle Epoque (display only) they have there- they brew on the predictable Simonelli (this is still Calgary!) I took off the PF and wow, I didn’t know things could get that filthy.

  2. 2 Peter July 3, 2007 at 12:21 pm

    Hey John! I’ll have to check them out… I know I’ve walked the path near there several times. I’m hoping the portafilter was on the Epoque and not on the Simonelli!

    I haven’t entirely written off that GE. Some of the baristas do seem to know what they’re doing, some of them don’t (as you have found out for yourself). Their milk texturing at Eau Claire is decent, but the ‘spro isn’t the best. Sigh.

  3. 3 John Manzo July 3, 2007 at 8:55 pm

    Not sure how well they maintain the NS, but the dirty PF was definitely on the Elektra- but wow what an interesting feeling it is to stand beside that one- I just reached over and grabbed it, I do things like that. Clearly not cleaned in many years, but as I say it’s just for show (for now)

    Glad to hear you still have some faith w/ Good Earth- they’re better than most chains, and hey, at least they wipe the steam wands clean.

    I got a call from Les of Java Jamboree today since he’s using the same graphic artist that my partner uses for his website etc to do logos and corporate identity for their new shop, and he had my biz card so he asked me for this guy’s contact info- this will be at SW 8th St and 14th Ave, yes a few blocks south of Bumpy’s, across the street from Best Western. I’d say that’s bad news for Bumpy’s but I thought the same thing when P+S opened, but what’s happened is it seems that with the success of P+S people want to have more of that sort of experience- I can see a new JJ (tentative name is “Kawa” Polish for coffee) actually helping Bumpy’s, not that they need help.

  4. 4 Shaun Taylor July 13, 2007 at 7:38 pm

    Hey Peter I was just over here about an hour ago and ready to leave a comment on your Aricha description and saw your message over on my site so now I’ve got a question for you. Are P&S squeezing Clover of the Aricha? Your stamp of approval has me ready to head over there in the morning on our way out of town.

    Drop me a line if you see this and let me know either way.


  5. 5 coffeeinaction January 7, 2008 at 9:07 am

    Late post – First thing I did when I moved into my new office: purchased a small press and a hot pot. I keep it all on a bookshelf and bring in coffee that I grid right before I leave my house. So the grinds are not 100% fresh, but its better then nothing.

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