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There was an article in Thursday’s Vancouver Sun about Wicked. Here’s the link. If you’ve found my blog from searching about the cafe after reading the article, that’s not Arthur! That’s Alberto. Oops. There are a few other inaccuracies, but I won’t be too nitpicky.

But today, I pulled my last shift at the cafe until September (pending my return, which is most likely), so don’t expect to see my face in there anytime soon. It was awesome, and much caffeine was consumed. I even pulled this off. It’s soy and 6 oz. I think it’s pretty sweet…

Now back to the packing.



For a change of pace during the lead up to the last of my exams, I made it to Victoria for a few days a couple weeks ago. Of course, this meant a trip to one of my favorite cafes of all time, 2% Jazz, on Douglas St for a few drinks. I hadn’t had Sam Jones’ coffee in ages, and it was as good as I remember it. Awesome music, awesome coffee. (I’m pretty sure they were playing Oh No in there… Oh No is a Stones Throw recording artist and the younger brother of Madlib.) The first morning I went in to bug Sam and his barista served up great drinks, and Sam handed over some Yirg fresh from his vac pot. Apparently he’ll be getting in some very high grade Ethiopian auction lot coffee soon. I made it down to Discovery Coffee that day (on Discovery, just off of Douglas) too. It’s a cool little spot with a few seats, a 3 group Synesso and a Clover. I had a Yemen off of the Clover. It was great (and served in a Stumptown mug!) and the sandwich I had was quite good too. I met Logan, and he was a most excellent host.

The second morning, Sam and his barista said I should check out Habit Coffee and Culture on Pandora and Government. So, that’s where I headed. I was told it was very, very similar to the original Stumptown down in Portland. As soon as I walked in, I was blown away. Sparse decor, huge bar, great music (Aphex Twin’s Schottkey 7th Path from his Selected Ambient Works ’85-’92… on vinyl), and the biggest surprise, John Sanders’ old 5 group Linea. Then, I remembered hearing about this place. They serve Hines, and have had relationships with the Portland folks and others in the northwest. The coffee was great. I hadn’t had Hines in a long time, and it was as good as ever. My short 15 minutes in that shop that day rocketed it up to one of my favorite cafes. I went back a few more times and chatted both with Ken, the head barista, and with Shane, the owner. They’re great guys and I wish them the best of luck, but I’m pretty sure they won’t need it.

Other than lots of coffee, I wandered Victoria, which has some awesome clothing shops (check out Flavor and Decade if you’re into Threadless shirts) and consumed excellent food and wine, courtesy of my uncle. Good times.

New latte art / UBC’s Boulevard

I had a chance this weekend when it was a bit slower due to the Easter holidays to take a picture or two of my recent latte art. I finally think that what I’m doing is pretty decent. Now if I could just improve the photography side of things!

April Latte Art

Also, good news for UBC campus coffee drinkers! The Boulevard in the new Dentistry building has switched over to 49th Parallel Coffee. Immediately the coffee has improved over there, including the drip. Rumor has it, the Colombia Quebradon makes frequent appearances. If you’re into espresso, I still haven’t tried that there, but they will make you an 8 oz latte for in the cafe. Be prepared to pay for a full 12 oz, but hey, I’ve got no problem with that.

On tap

49th Parallel El Salvador La MontaƱa
Excellent coffee for everyday drinking. Well expressed acidity and classic El Salvador profile.

Bulleit Bourbon
By far the best bourbon available in BC for the price. $35 for a bottle gets you the highest rye content bourbon on the market. Lots of spice and typical bourbon corn sweetness. Excellent on its own, but also makes a mean Old Fashioned. Better than Knob Creek in my books and pretty close to Woodford Reserve.

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