Mmm. Tres Santos. (Restaurants?)

This blog is neglected. I’m super busy at school (six courses!) and then I work on the weekends, only to crash both hypercaffeinated nights. However, I do still exist.

The whirlwind trip that Tonx, Kyle and Doug Zell from Intelly made on the west coast touched down at Wicked first where I was able to meet them (well, I had met Kyle and Tonx from past Seattle trips). No real conversation took place as brighter lights in the coffee world handled those…

My coffee cupboard is full of wonders these days. I’ve got bits of several Intelly coffees, their S&P Blend (anyone know what companies their tasting notes refer to?), the famed Idido Misty Valley Yergacheffe (one of my favorite coffees these days) as well as the brand new Colombia Tres Santos release. I had the Santos this morning on my way to my very early 8 AM physical chemistry class. It was awesome, especially for a “standard” issue coffee. I’m going to wait on tasting notes, but it was quite light, with a syrupy body, very well balanced and not as acidic as I expected.

I had a clovered Novo Adedo Yerg yesterday at Elysian (they just had a bit… so don’t be rushing in asking about it). It was phenomenal. Huge fruit/berry notes but it still maintained a very subtle profile. One of the best coffees I have had in months.

Now, here’s a question. If you had 3 days in Vancouver, what restaurants would you choose to eat at? It would need to be appropriate for teenagers (teenagers with a palate and manner mind you), and since it will be a family thing probably not the most expensive places in the city. My list includes cheaper places for lunch like Go Fish, Kintaro Ramen… anyone have suggestions? Preferably downtown or Kits locations, but the Drive would be interesting too.


4 Responses to “Mmm. Tres Santos. (Restaurants?)”

  1. 1 Barrett January 23, 2007 at 6:13 am

    Being as it’s the middle of Dine Out Vancouver, getting reservations is going to be difficult. Get on the phone, and see if anyone is canceling, or if restaurants are opening up any spaces at the last minute. I know we’re calling everyone to confirm, and opening up any canceled resos after 2pm.

  2. 2 Peter January 23, 2007 at 8:06 am

    Ah, yes, thanks Barrett. I forgot to mention that I won’t be going to them during Dine Out… that would be a bit of a nightmare.

  3. 3 Shaun Taylor January 23, 2007 at 1:32 pm

    Hey Peter,

    Just checking in to see how things are going, sounds like you are very busy – that’s good.

    In case you haven’t seen my blog for a while, we got back from our six week Vietnam vacation just over a week ago. It’s good to be back in Calgary.

    On coffee… I saw your mention of the Idido Misty Valley, I have 20lbs of that green enroute – oh yah! Also have 10lbs of Sumatra Blue Lintong coming as well. When we got back there was an envelope waiting for me from one of the CG mbrs containing a scrap of 5mm FDA grade poly to cut out some discs for the Aeropress – so I have been experimenting with that in a big way. Pulling out some huge oil slicks using the inverted poly method. Actually had to back off on the oil a bit, it’s too intense for my taste at the moment. It’s good I have the poly to play with as the OPV on my Brewtus II just packed it in. It’s way over pressure, pulling 14bars. I’m tracking down a better OPV right now.

    Say hi to “Z” in Toronto for me.


  4. 4 Lota January 26, 2007 at 3:02 pm

    I would definitely go to Naam’s on West 4th. This is a Vancouver institution. Try their home fries with miso sauce, it is so delicious. They even sell this sauce (bottled) through the Capers market. It is vegetarian but they have so many delicious things.

    SalaThai on Cambie is a very very nice Thai place where the food is delicious and people who work there are very friendly.

    My favorite Greek place in Vancouver is Kalamata restaurant. It is a block east of Cambie and it is on Broadway. Very good home-style Greek food.

    None of these places is specifically geared towards teenagers but teenagers would be well fed there.
    Cheers, Lota

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