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Last shifts

I am going to be pulling my last couple of shifts at Wicked tomorrow and Monday morning. It’s a sad end to an era that has been extremely successful (I think) for my line of work. But hopefully I’ll be able to still work next year while a second year Geology student at UBC and pouring lattes like this one I poured yesterday:

Or this one (it’s a bit blurry due to taking it quickly before handing it to a customer):


Some photos of the office

So here’s where I work, and some new latte art.

This is the wonderful Leslie and Ayumi, hard at work. Notice all the pound and larger bags of Intelligentsia whole bean…
The cafe storefront

The bar got moved around a bit, and as Brad knows, I am slightly wary of change… lol. But seriously, that’s the wonderful LM GB5. The Mazzer Major I use isn’t in this pic, as it got moved further away from the machine due to only me using it.
The new bar set up

Again, the incredible duo at work.
Hard at work

And here’s some latte art I poured yesterday. It’s still not my best, but I was trying to get photos more along the likes of Tonx.
Some new latte art


Here’s a question:
Should I work towards becoming a competition barista, with a possible debut at the Western Regionals?

Also, I did not get the position at the oil and gas firm I had an interview with in Calgary, so anyone with a café in Calgary that is looking for someone, I may be available for full time work starting May 1. Actually, if you are anywhere in Canada, let me know… I may be pondering a complete change of pace from my current goings on.

Busy busy

I’ve had a fairly busy week here, hence the lack of updates.

From flying out to Calgary for a day for an interview with a gas company to writing midterms (though it is the end of term) to partying at concerts, I’ve barely had time for coffee.

I did however have a positive experience with a couple of customers who came in over the weekend. It was their first time into our shop and they were curious to know what our specialties were. I jumped at this opportunity and said that I believed our espresso to be some of the best around. Both of them were intrigued and without any hesitation ordered a couple of doubles. Imagine that? That’s never really happened to me before. The best thing was that they really enjoyed the shots saying, “This is like perfection in a cup!” They were some nice shots too…

So we’ll see where I’ll head this summer (seeing as how the last day of classes is tomorrow). I’m flirting with the possibility of becoming a competition barista, but if I’m not working in the industry over the summer, that could be difficult. There’s also the possibility of me not working in the petroleum industry and I will try to take a job as a barista. The only problem is that that would bring me back to Calgary and their (mediocre at best) scene. I went to Cafe Koi when I was in Calgary Monday, and the place is stunning. It was great to see a Reg Barber tamper, freshly ground shots and attention paid to the espresso. The shots were good, with Big Mountain organic espresso, but alas, the milk wasn’t so great. I spoke with the co-owner, and she seemed really nice and friendly. Maybe I can fit in there. Nights involve DJs spinning live, so regardless of whether I work, it will become a new haunt for me.

Cheers for now! To anyone going to Charlotte to the SCAA, drink espresso for me (and a pint… but be easy on the folks at the Blake hotel!)

On tap

49th Parallel El Salvador La Montaña
Excellent coffee for everyday drinking. Well expressed acidity and classic El Salvador profile.

Bulleit Bourbon
By far the best bourbon available in BC for the price. $35 for a bottle gets you the highest rye content bourbon on the market. Lots of spice and typical bourbon corn sweetness. Excellent on its own, but also makes a mean Old Fashioned. Better than Knob Creek in my books and pretty close to Woodford Reserve.

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