Now on tap: Cup Of Excellence

So I decided that I better get a new post up with the podcast being uploaded to the net… traffic is higher today than it has been for awhile!

I got a chance today to taste the number one Bolivian Cup of Excellence coffee, the Juan de Dios Blanco, roasted by my friends (okay, so I don’t know any of them) at Intelligentsia. My meeting with Juan occurred at the Elysian Room, where it was brewed very well on their Clover. It’s a very nice coffee, though I must say it did not top the Yemen Mocha Sanani I had over there earlier in the year which is to date my favorite coffee off of the Clover. The Bolivian was subtle, as are all of these upper echelon coffees that I have tried, with a good level of sweetness to it. Brad described it as caramel, or later, toffee. I’m not too sure about that, though it’s probably a bit closer than Intelligentsia’s honey description. Maybe my palate just sucks. I think it was more of a demerara sugar… I had a bit of the John Sanders roasted George Howell Kenya Karagato as well. This is one of my favorite regular coffees off of the Clover.

Hmm… saying this makes me realize how privileged I am. I may have to set something up with either Brad or Alistair for regular shipments of coffee for the summer when I go back home to Calgary. Four months without great coffee? Yikes. (Or, maybe Shaun can hook me up, eh Shaun?)

Well, for now my supply is the number 15 lot in the 2005 Colombia Second Harvest Cup of Excellence, Omar Antonio Pérez Gómez’s El Lechal ($3.85 per pound green) roasted by Intelligentsia and Cinco Estrellas, a small lots Peruvian coffee from the best of the Cruz del Sur competition put on by Intelligentsia. The week shall be full of caffeine.

And to any new readers, welcome, and thank you for stopping by, here’s a 12 oz latte I poured earlier today.


3 Responses to “Now on tap: Cup Of Excellence”

  1. 1 coffee activist March 19, 2006 at 11:23 pm

    nice pour. It looks soooo good. I guess I need to hit vancouver again pretty soon, I still haven’t tried the Clover yet…

  2. 2 Shaun Taylor March 20, 2006 at 9:45 am

    Peter, nice pour and once again I am jealous of your weeks consumption. I just got back from boarding in Fernie for the weekend. Good times! I took down four really fresh roasts – Colombian Huila, a Yirg, a wonderful Kenyan Peaberry and the El Salvador Santa Rita. French pressing for five guys and four new converts to freshly roasted quality coffee. 😉

    I will grab your podcast today and si senor, mi casa es su casa – translated… you are covered in Calgary for good beans.

  3. 3 Jonathan Howse March 25, 2006 at 1:07 pm

    Wow! Peter, your art has come such a long way since the old Pearson College days. I’m very impressed. The one posted here is quite a bit better than the usual I receive at Ritual – though I do get some exciting ones every now and again. How consistent are you? I’ve been struggling with Organica closed (while they open their new location). I miss drinking a latte that I know is taken seriously and made with care. While at Ritual you get the staight up rosetta (and recently a small number of sketchy shots), Organca switches it up with double and triple rosettas, variations of tulips and, ofcourse, superb espresso. And, I miss having a choice over which bean I want. Anywho, I’ll stop ranting.

    Keep me posted on the djing – I might need you for an art show, though probably on the east side.


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