New level?

Maybe it was technique related. That is, my ability to pour glossy cappuccino foam into Black Cat. This past weekend, I don’t think I necessarily changed anything in my overall process, but more my approach to drink building and I got some awesome cappuccinos poured. I think I have achieved a new level with my own approach to drink making. The drinks spoke for themselves, and I received a few heart warming compliments. I love that.

Anyways, I am ill, unable to taste coffee, so my pound of the Melange Microlot is not giving me nearly as much pleasure as it should be. At least I got several presses in before my olfactory centres shutdown.

Congratulations to Jim Hoffmann (I spelled it right!) who won the UK Barista Championship. Some of his postings on coffee forums have been incredible, including one related to my previous crema chemistry post on the chemistry of milk. I still need to dig deeper and think harder about some of these things. Still have a long way to go…


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