I have set up the Mazzer Major grinder over at Wicked in recent days. It will be used for espresso and cappuccino orders so that these particular drinks are ensured of their quality. The Swift is still there, to be used for everything else. It makes sense.

With the Swift, the espresso was not bad, but, it was not “exceptional”. I found the body to almost always be on the thin side when working with Black Cat. All the flavour was there, but the body wasn’t for some reason or another. I think it may have something to do with the distribution pattern of the Swift. When a naked portafilter was used in conjunction with the Swift, it was noticeably pickier with what you did to the portafilter after the Swift was done it’s thing. If you tapped, even slightly, just once, significant channeling would occur. So, I stopped tapping. The espresso improved. But, it was still lacking in body, so I’m not sure what’s up.

But now we can pull some serious triple ristrettos on the GB5 at a level that should be comparable to the best shots in the city. It’s an exciting possibility!

Still debating about Seattle. It’s more just a figuring out of logistics and where I’m going to stay (ie. Hostelling International vs. Green Tortoise) and for how long. I’m thinking maybe 2 or 3 nights, since the train has an odd schedule made more for Seattle to Vancouver trips instead of the opposite trip (evening departure from Vancouver… I hate that… it was the same with the Victoria Clipper).


3 Responses to “Manual!”

  1. 1 rita January 27, 2006 at 6:12 am

    hey pet! i just felt like leaving a note for a pearsonite… i´m just down here where i´ll spend my future university years… it appears to be a pearson a la brazilian style lol… how´s the coffee shop going? lets chat one of these days, i finally got my mom to have skype!

  2. 2 Anonymous January 28, 2006 at 7:12 pm

    hey, nice work– was wondering what that lonely, empty mazzer grinder was doing if it wasn’t pulling ristrettos. i’ll have to come by and try for myself this week.
    nick b.

  3. 3 celine January 29, 2006 at 3:42 am

    That was a nice surprise, the comment you left. I was bummed I didn’t find Elysian (I did later that day) but was really glad I found Wicked because I was looking for Wicked a couple of days before I decided to give up. Anyway, I will be back at Wicked and although I’m not a big coffee person, I might have to get you to make me one of your delicious looking ones if I see you there.

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