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So yesterday, there was a bit of a Pearson revival at my place. First, Corri (PC 29) got in touch with Alex and said she was on campus for a bit. So we chilled out, talked about life and such. But, no offense to her, the big event of the night was that Rita (PC 30 Brasil) was supposed to be in Vancouver. Rita was a good friend of mine back at the college, and one of Alex’s as well. She also promised a bottle of cachaça, a Brazilian sugar cane distilled spirit. I had had this once before and it was crazy stuff.

We hadn’t been in touch since Thursday, and Alex and I were unsure of when she would be getting into Vancouver on the ferry from Victoria. So, we spent a bit mulling around, not knowing what to do, bought some beer for the weekend festivities, hung out with Corri, and then Alex went to a salsa party with some of our floor mates. So, I was walking around campus, when my phone rang, with Rita on the other end explaining she was at Totem! Yeah, so I walked to the other end of the campus and found her in the Totem commonsblock. Crazy.

That wasn’t much of a story. It was a bit more interesting being involved in it… I guess.

On the coffee side of things, I have noticed a recent trend on cGeek that there are a lot of noobies that are giving out some information that is either misguided or blatantly incorrect. Now, let me get this straight: I do not consider myself to be an all out expert… those are the people like Barry Jarrett, Greg Scace, David Schomer, Chris Tacy (well, I appreciate Tacy’s frank comments and rants)… the legends in the espresso/coffee industry. Maybe even throw in Mike Sivetz into that one. Then, these guys on cGeek post all kinds of stuff that centres around the stereotypes, or basic consumer knowledge of a product. And it’s wrong!

I mean, sure when I was a junior member, back in the day, I thought I knew what a good espresso was, and I didn’t, but that didn’t mean I was looking for better, my comments were mostly limited to where you could get a good shot in Calgary or Victoria. Or, when I had my Krups and my one-off promo machine I bought off eBay, I didn’t claim to know all kinds of stuff about quality espresso production. Even when I am at a quality cafe in Vancouver, and using a serious piece of equipment, I still know that I am learning and I have a lot to learn yet. I always will.

Accordingly, I adjust my posting habits. I post only where I know that what I am saying will be beneficial to the person. I will not post about the detractors of a double boiler machine in the home, or how to PID your Silvia. But people out there do! And they have no, or little experience, based on what they write. I guess they will learn. But I feel this is detrimental to the cGeek community, as noobs posting valid questions about their machine or techniques will get a load of crap that they don’t know how to filter through! Gah. I’ll leave it be.


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