Called to bar… well, the espresso bar

I did some bar training today. Well, it was kind of more like learn how to make drinks the Wicked way. With a LM Swift grinder that doses and tamps for you, it’s kind of hard to mess it up (although we were having some extraction issues for a while, more likely due to the new espresso machine). I had art on almost every drink made (I can think of only 2 or 3 out of many more than that that didn’t). I think my best of the day was either a rosetta in a stainless steel to go cup with Lactaid milk, or it was the inverse art poured into a mocha (sort of a lighter outline around a rosetta). I had an incredible time. It was like being in heaven. Seriously, if heaven was pouring drinks for discerning customers all the time, I would… well… be in heaven. Apparently the day was pretty busy for a Saturday.

Oh yeah, and the machine I was pouring on? This was the La Marzocco GB5 (serial number 0017), the first one of its kind in a cafe in Canada. This is it’s 3rd day in action. There’s still some issues, and ergonomically it’s not quite the go-to machine (one hot water tap, steam wands aren’t quite my style, drip tray is too narrow, etc). But, it’s supposed to be the machine to challenge the Synesso. I’m pretty sure when we get it tuned it will be a solid performer. Maybe when Brad gets that Robur, hahaha.

Anyways, I loved working today. The people who come into Wicked are awesome, and the people that work there are too.

Nick from Elysian dropped by today. He thought it was a pretty good shot of Black Cat (whether that was a white lie to keep my spirits up, or it was a good shot is up in the air… I am pretty sure it was a nice shot). He’s apparently picked up another barisa position at the JJ on Granville Island. Very cool.

I’m back on duty Tuesday, where I think there is a coffee tasting session after my shift, so I’ll probably be at that too prepping the coffees… I will volunteer my time for that one. Speaking of which, if anyone is interested in attending the coffee tasting, there may still be some spots. Sign up today or tomorrow at Wicked (ask the barista where the sheet is on our board) and I’ll see you on Tuesday!


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