On the loudspeakers

So recently, I have gotten into a bit of different music. It’s not that I don’t like my old standby progressive house, but it appears that this is just another one of those seasonal downturns as all the DJs recover from their summer long tours. I don’t even want to imagine their hangovers! So, at the residence here, since we’re all hooked into the same LAN, iTunes lets you share your music with the other residents. I found one library that I can drool over. Most of the others consist of the same old: mainstream (c)rap, boy bands, crooners and the occasional indie band thrown in, it is after all university. But this one I found belongs to Christine. I have not met her in person, but boy do I ever. Her collection is large (bigger than mine, and not many on the LAN are), and it includes albums from Metric, whom I am seeing tonight live, !!! (chk, chk,chk), Architecture in Helsinki, Bloc Party, Boards of Canada, Death From Above 1979 and a lot of others. When her collection goes mainstream, it’s still respectable: the Beatles, Coldplay, CCR, David Bowie, etc. So I’ve been checking out what she has to offer, because there is so much on there that I haven’t heard of, and that’s a bit rare for me, a constant reader of Exclaim, FFWD, the Discorder (UBC’s CITR paper) and other papers.

At the moment, I am really getting into Death From Above 1979. Yes, that’s right, I am into a heavier bass and drum duo. I didn’t see that one coming, but it’s really good stuff. Distorted and breakneck fast. Very nice stuff. We were playing it in the CITR studio during my training. Sounds good on professional sound systems. Kind of makes you want to break stuff.

What else is on the playlist? A lot of local Calgary bands, thanks to the 90.9 With A Bullet CJSW album, I am listening to Shecky Formé and Reverie Sound Revue. I also enjoy former Calgarian and Torontonian, now Parisian, Leslie Feist. Her stuff is on the most excellent Arts and Crafts label and is very downtempo.

Anyways, I figure that’s it.

On the coffee side of things, I have been fairly low key, due to a sore throat/head cold. But, I acquired some Hines Kenya coffee, recently roasted (it was within a week) and it is playing out very nicely. More people on the floor are becoming aware of my obsession, as I brought out my press and made some Perla de Oaxaca for a girl from Turkey. She has already declared it an excellent cup of coffee.


1 Response to “On the loudspeakers”

  1. 1 coffee activist September 17, 2005 at 10:16 am

    nice, nice… some good music… i’ll be seeing metric, feist and arcade fire next month here in calgary. are you into stars at all? good band.
    sure could stand to be drinking some of that Oaxaca right about now…

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