First day of classes

Totally non-espresso related: I finished up my first day of classes just now. I had four of them: EOSC 110 (geology), EOSC 112 (atmospheric sciences & oceanography), MATH 102 (calculus) and BIOL 111 (cellular and organismal biology). They seem alright, with some classes looking better than others: geology and bio. Calculus I can deal with, but it took me a bit to get into that math groove. I’m not sure about EOSC 112… the prof is a bit sketchy, but I can deal with him. It’s an interesting syllabus, so we’ll see how it goes. Tomorrow I have english and physics.

The campus here is pretty big, but I can still get to my classes fairly quickly (within the allotted 10 minutes). I don’t know why people claim you need a bike to get over to the health sciences complex from Vanier (my residence), when it’s only about half a kilometre. I was sick today (a cold of sorts) and walked slower than normal and it still only took me about 7 minutes to walk over there.

In other news, I joined the Bike Co-op here. It’s pretty cool, and my membership gives me free shop time as well as discounts and access to their resources. I got some Netti gloves (just like yours Jon!) for about $18. Good deal. In half an hour I have a tour (the start of volunteering) at CITR, the university radio station. I’ve already talked to a few people, and it seems really cool, and not as political as CJSW. Maybe I’ll have my own show soon! (We’ll see about that though…)

For coffee, I have been relying on my stash of Intelligentsia: La Perla Oaxaca and Musasa. I bought some Avalon Farms cream (it wasn’t much more than the standard cream) and it seems to really complement La Perla. In the Musasa, it just seems to increase the woodiness of the coffee. As well, I picked up a couple of Bodum Pavina 12 oz. double walled borosilicate tumblers from Alistair. They work for cold and hot drinks, insulate well and are very, very cool. Check them out on the Bodum site. On the beer side of things, I have found that MacAuslan St. Ambroise is available for $3 less than Alberta’s prices. I can get it for $11 at the BCL. Pretty good deal, considering that’s the price of any other standard microbrewer (Big Rock, Okanagan Springs, Granville Island). I’ve also picked up some Granville Island Hefeweizen and was pleasantly surprised: it’s good stuff.

Anyways, I best be off to the SUB for my station tour. I will add more coffee news hopefully this weekend.

Imbibe safely,


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