Cadence Report

So, I made the trip to Cadence Coffee yesterday, located in the interesting community of Bowness in Calgary’s northwest quadrant. I had been there about a year ago, and was relatively impressed, but this was before my introduction to really good espresso.

Their machine is the same as I use, a 3 group Rancilio Z11/AT. I couldn’t identify their regular use grinder, but their decaf grinder was a Rancilio MD50. Their beans, as mentioned before, are from Nelson BC’s microroaster: Oso Negro. They are reasonable, if not slightly overroasted (from my experience last year).

I visited the cafe around noon, and it was bustling with activity. The decor and atmosphere are great, sort of ’50s style diner meets Caffe Fantastico’s roastery location (for you Victoria folks). I ordered their homemade granola and yogurt along with a double espresso. I was given the Greek flag and was told to sit down. First though, I witnessed the barista flush the group. A good first impression. Especially on the Z11. I sat down.

Unfortunately, when I got the espresso, it was served in an 8 oz ceramic cup, and it was about half full. A 4 oz double. Gah. There was a nice layer of persistent, dark colored crema, so props for that, but the volume really restricts the body of the espresso. Every coffeegeek knows this. It ended up tasting like one of my americanos. However, the flavor profile was quite nice, likely due to Oso Negro’s roasting prowess. So, if they just paid more attention to a shorter espresso at Cadence, this place would have the best shots in town… by far (at least, once I leave town and when Shaun’s shop get’s demolished). In fact, I’m willing to bet that even when Shaun and I are gone, they will have the best shot in town, despite the volume… That’s the scene’s situation…

Give Cadence a chance though, the food was excellent, and it’s a cool little place. Possibly with a non-weekend barista the shots would be better.

Oh, and tomorrow is my last day in the cafe. Come down if you care for some espresso.


1 Response to “Cadence Report”

  1. 1 Scott August 30, 2005 at 11:32 am

    can i come??? would love some espresso! Had a macchiato in your honour today with a 10 leaf rosetta. Good Luck with the big move. Speak to you once you’ve settled in. Got the low-down on alex’s blog.

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