Any Calgary Macchiato Aficionados?

So Shaun and I were talking today… is there anyone in Calgary who will make a proper macchiato? (People, we’re talking the 2-4oz milk and espresso concoction… not the 20 oz sugary behemoth some Seattle company calls a “macchiato”) We both can, and do, but is there anyone else? We don’t think so, but I’ll be going to Cadence Coffee in Bowness tomorrow (oops… today, past midnight) to see if they can prove us wrong. Last time I was there, it was alright, but I was without my PNW experiences.

In other news, I walked into the local Chapters to kill some time before my hair appointment, and I was startled to see at the built-in Starbucks that they had an “Affogato Style” section on their menu. Apparently, this is yet another bastardization of a good old Italian term. See, as far as I knew it, Affogato referred to the brilliant espresso+ice cream combination. Try a real one at Fiasco Gelato some day. But at the Green Monster, it’s apparently caramel sauce+whipped cream+frappucino+50 cents. Argh. I guess the marketing geniuses there thought that “salsa della caramella e panna per supplementare cinquanta centesimi” sounded a bit too pretentious. Affogato however literally translates as “drowned” – an evident poke at the ice cream’s eventual fate. Hard to drown in whipped cream. Starbucks could have coined a new trademarked Italian term though: “Bloccato” – or clogged in English – something your arteries will be after consuming your ridiculous venti affogato style mocha chip frappuccino. Or, support local business: visit Fiasco, and get your affogato, with some great gelato. Caffe Beano does an alright one too (yes folks, I will buy affogatos without quality espresso… the cold destroys the aromatics in the espresso).

Anyways, I will report back later on about my trip to Cadence. I think some granola will be in order there on the side of my espresso. Check their site out at


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